1000 PEMF Testimonials Promotion – Own a full functionality OMI PEMF Full Body mat worth of $1,250 for just $499 including shipping.

Posted by Istvan on 11/17/2020 to News

Oxford Medical Instruments is a recognized and highly respected PEMF manufacturer and distributer all around the world. For over a decade, with over 100,000 sold PEMF full body mats we’ve been providing the public with the OMI PEMF therapy mat and other PEMF devices at an affordable price. With a large number of satisfied users around the world, we now have a new outstanding promotion that means you can enjoy the many health benefits of the OMI PEMF Full Body mat at just a fraction of its normal price.

Limited Offer:

Own a full functionality OMI PEMF Full Body mat worth of $1,250 for just $499 including shipping with FedEx Express

The PEMF mat can be used to improve a range of health conditions and problems. It’s a non-invasive, medically proven therapy that can:

  • Decrease inflammation.
  • Improve muscle function.
  • Accelerate bone healing.
  • Reduce the damaging effects of stress.
  • Improve circulation.
  • Enhance blood oxygenation.
  • Reduce pain.

The OMI mat can be used to speed healing, decrease pain, and improve circulation all over the body, including in the following areas:

  • Neck
  • Back
  • Shoulders
  • Legs
  • Head
  • Hands
  • Stomach

Because of the unparalleled success of the PEMF therapy mat, we now invite 1,000 people to participate in our 1000 PEMF Testimonials campaign.

An OMI PEMF Full Body mat will usually cost you $1,250. But for a limited time, we’re offering it for $499 including shipping. This is a full functionality OMI mat that can give you all of the pain-relieving, health-boosting benefits of PEMF at a hugely reduced price.


And all we ask in return is that you use the mat and then tell us about your experiences. Good or bad, we want to know how you used it, for what conditions, and what the effects were. This is so we can keep improving our products and your experience of the OMI PEMF therapy mat.

So, grab your PEMF mat today for the fantastic price of $499 including shipping. This is the best possible price for a full functionality full body mat, so join our 1000 PEMF Testimonials campaign before all the places are filled!

Promotion ended Own your PEMF Full Body Mat at the lowest price ever offered to the public!

Limited Offer:

Own a full functionality OMI PEMF Full Body mat worth of $1,250 for just $499 including shipping with FedEx Express. Your mat will be delivered in two working days.


The full functionality OMI PEMF full body mat delivers all benefits a PEMF device can do. There are numerous peer-reviewed clinical publications substantiate the benefits of PEMF therapy. The OMI PEMF product range had been designed to best fit to the findings of a large number of clinical publications.

To get your mat today at the incredible price of $499 instead of the regular price of $1,250 just scroll down and proceed with purchase!

Promotion ended

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Own a Full Functionality OMI PEMF Full Body Mat Worth of $1,250

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